Your dogs will be cared for like a family pet, following the dogs own individual routine  in our home.

Our homes are safe and secure, with gardens and locked gates.  Burglar Alarms and CCTV cameras.  Your dogs safety and security is essential to us.

If you decide you would like your dog to stay with us we need to meet the dog at least twice and stay with us at least once on all planned stays with us.  This helps reduces the stress and anxiety of be separated from the dogs beloved owners.

We can however help out in an unplanned emergency, such as admission to hospital or any crisis you may be experiencing.  We will be highly sensitive to your needs and will work out an individual package to accommodate both the dog and owners needs.

We will keep you up to date on your dogs activities, with our dog holiday diary you will see how much fun your dogs having and we can do this via Social Media, email, face time and Skype or telephone call.

Your dogs will be walked at least 4 times a day, unless you prefer otherwise.  They will be groomed everyday and on the day of your return we will bath and groom them.

We wil also register your dogs, with your permission at our Vets.  We will need contact details from your Vets too.   We are happy to use your Vets if ever necessary.  All this will be discussed when we have our first meeting.


We can take maximum 2 to 3 large dogs or 3 to 4 smaller dogs at any one time.  We need to be able to give your dogs individual care and attention.


We happy to discuss any emergency rescue foster homes if we have no doggy guests boarding with us