Can you remove Tailster and Dog buddy?

Anyone boarding a dog who has earned a thousand pounds needs a licence, including all the people trading on sites such as Dog Buddy and Tailster. Anyone without a licence can be shut down immediately if found to be trading illegally. Licensed boarders are subject to strict inspections and have policies and procedures in place for the welfare of your dogs. You can see the link to the full guidance below.We are insured with Pet Business Insurance Policy number 1007847.

Click here for Animal welfare licensing providing boarding for dogs Guidance

Can anyone board their dogs with you?

Unfortunately not all dogs are suitable for home boarding. Only friendly, well behaved dogs can be accepted. Any breed must be well balanced, non-destructive and happy to live with other dogs. Dogs that are aggressive, or urine mark, are excessive barkers, chewers, or non-responsive to commands and dogs with severe
separation issues cannot be accepted. All dogs need to be happy and relaxed in our care. Dogs are assessed for suitability and at least 2 visits need to take place before any boarding stay.

Do dogs have to be vaccinated to board with you?

An up-to-date veterinary vaccination record must be received to ensure that dogs have current vaccinations against canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine adenovirus/infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and other relevant diseases. Vaccination against other diseases such as kennel cough (Bordetella/Canine
parainfluenza virus) is advised but not essential.

Does my dog need to have flea and worming treatments?

All dogs that board here must have flea prevention and worming plan. We will need to know the last time your dog was treated and what product you use. Your dogs must be free from fleas; white lice etc. and any dog found to have any parasite infestation will be taken to the vets and treated at your own expense. This is in our
Terms and Conditions which will be given to you or emailed on request.

Does my dog need to be insured?

We prefer that all dogs are insured but it is not always necessary. If there is no insurance in place, a Vet release/agreement form must be signed in case of illness or injury. You are responsible for any expenses occurred. You should always let your vets know that your dog is going into boarding and you authorise any
discussion between us and your vet and any treatment for your dog.

Dogs on medication

We have current First Aid certificates and are happy to board dogs that have to take medication. Medicines are stored as prescribed in Locked boxes. Please make sure you bring more than enough medicine for the length of stay. This will be discussed at the initial visit and recorded on our Medical Form.

What happens if my dog is ill when I am away?

We will try and contact you immediately. If we cannot make contact with you then the emergency contact will be notified. If for any reason we cannot speak to your emergency contact we will consider your dog’s needs as we would our own dogs. The dog will be taken to your vets or the agreed designated vet for any treatment or
advice. We will continue to try and contact you with updates. Any veterinary expenses must be paid by you.

Can I book my dogs in for Boarding or Daycare and bring them the next day?

Unfortunately not. All dogs need to be assessed for suitability. Dogs need to feel safe and secure. It is also a legal requirement that at least 2 visits are completed before any stay.

Dogs with Special Needs or restrictions to boarding

We strive to meet the needs of all dogs and accommodate many dogs with special needs. We can board puppies under 1 year old as long as all vaccinations are in place and toilet training is at a reasonable level (all puppies have accidents sometimes). Senior dogs in later years will be given an appropriate Exercise and
Enrichment plan taking into account any special needs. We do not accept in season bitches and if a dog comes into season while boarding, your emergency contact will be asked to remove her. Un neutered dogs will be assessed on an individual basis. Dogs that mark in the house will not be accepted. Specialised feeding or raw
feeding can be managed.

What do I need to bring with my dog?

Your dog will need enough food to last the boarding period. Any treats or dental sticks. A toy. A coat in winter months. The bed they normally lay on. Collar and lead with ID tag. Please do not bring extending leads. We do not use them as dogs will be walked in groups. All paperwork should be completed and returned before the
second visit

Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog can sleep wherever is normal to their daily routine. Dogs are allowed upstairs with Owners consent. If your dog sleeps in a crate, you must provide your own. Please do not bring damaged crates. We are not allowed to shut crates overnight. If your dog needs to be shut in a crate overnight we cannot accept them for
Boarding under AAL 2018 Home Boarding regulations.

Will my dog be walked?

Your dog will be walked at least 3 times a day unless due to health reasons or age they need less walking. An individual Exercise and Enrichment plan is agreed for each dog.

How do you charge for Boarding?

Our boarding rate is for an overnight 24 hour period. E.g. If you drop your dog at 11am then the dog will need to be picked up at 11am. We don’t allow dogs to be picked after 8pm at night, if you are arriving back from your holiday after 8pm and want to see your dog, you should arrange for the dog to be picked up before 8pm by someone else. Our minimum charge is for 2 nights. We can accommodate a one night stay but the charge is for 2 nights due to the work and visits involved. No refund is given for early returns as the space is already booked.

How many dogs do you have at one time?

I am licensed for 5 dogs and any that I own.

Will you keep me updated on how my dog is?

We will contact you via phone, text or social media with photos and videos.

What happens if I become infectious with Covid 19 while my dog is with you?

If you have Covid 19 you must NOT collect your dog. We will make arrangements either to return your dog or you must get someone to collect your dog that has not got Covid. We are currently following CFSG guidance.